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The Straits Times Run will take place on 23rd September 2018. The Straits Times Run is unique and memorable because of the 18.45 KM category which celebrates the founding year of The Straits Times newspaper. If you are someone who is targeting to finish this race in a certain time or looking for that extra

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Feature Friday – Ling Si Shu

Runners who have been training with the Team 2:20 pacers for the upcoming Straits Times Run 2018 will definitely not miss this friendly, tall & slender pacer in the group! In conjunction with The Straits Times Run 2018 that will be flagging off on this coming Sunday (23 September 2018), we are casting the spotlight

Managing Race Day Anxiety

Ah! The pre-race jitters or the feeling we get on the morning of the race day. Anyone who runs can relate to this feeling irrespective of whether you are a professional athlete or someone who has just started running. Hence, it is not something we can escape but the key is to learn to manage

Running Department

I had always wanted to join Running Department’s running sessions but felt too shy to do so. Believe me, I’ve been there, holding myself. This inertia to join primarily came from two factors, I don’t know anyone in the group. You look at the Running Department crew and they look like such fast runners, something

Running Department

These days, many people will not think of heading out for a run without a GPS tracker of some sort, be it a tracking app on the mobile phone, or a GPS watch. A GPS watch can provide the runner with data such as distance, time elapsed, pace, speed, calories burnt and even heart rate.

If you’ve ever come to one of Running Department’s Saturday training sessions, you may be familiar with a sign like this:     During the training leading up to races such as Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Running Department offers a wide range of pace groups between 5:20/km to 7:49/km to train with every Saturday. These

The modern marathon elites are truly breathtaking to watch. The present world record stands at 2hrs 02min by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya . That's a mind blowing pace of 2min 55s per km, for over 42km. But would you be able to guess the winning time in the men's Olympic marathon in
Running Department returns for the third year as the Official Pacers for The Straits Times Run! Yesterday, the pacers from the Running Department led a special sunset run organised exclusively  for the 18.45km participants. Runners enjoyed the sunset and the picturesque scenery as they ran along Punggol Waterway Park with the

The SCSM 2018 Training Programme features a series of activities tailored to help runners train towards 8th & 9th December. Yesterday, at 9 AM this programme was officially launched at Vivocity with a myriad of activities. I reached the event venue early, and noticed the official pacers from Running Department mingling with the public runners.

As a medical professional I have always understood the benefits of running in keeping fit. This knowledge has kept me running for most of my adult life but on my own as I have never liked doing things in groups… until I started with Running Department. I wasn't keen to start, but
The start of the June holidays saw some of the RD folks zipping off to a short 2D1N overseas trip to the cosy town of Muar in our neighboring country. Whilst most of us were excited about just getting away to take a breather from the hustle of work or
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